Karlo Dizdar

Born and living in Split, Croatia I was always one step away from the Sea. Being always curious about the unknown led me to a career in yachting. 
From the Atlantic, the Mediterranean, and the Black sea I have seen it all in the past 10+ years.

Numerous shipyard periods, refits, charters, and nautical miles gave me
enormous experience, but also a sense to be humble and appreciate the little
things in life.

This is why Invictum Mare is established. Invictum Mare translates to “Unconquerable  Sea,”
representing our respect for the seas and our spirit, which is

Besides yachting, my passion is Mountain biking. I was always passionate about sports, racing, building communities, and this is where I found a perfect blend. 

Looking forward to bringing in more people to enjoy the nature and the outside both in yachting and mountain biking.