Invictum Mare
Partner Program


What is it?

A program created to support our most trusted collaborators e.g. individuals, companies, agencies, and intermediaries in an effort to meet the needs of their refined clientele interested in yacht charter.

On the charter value of a boat, a broker receives a commission on the net charter value (not including APA or any additional items ordered). This commission varies depending on destination, type of boat and industry commissions.

On this commission received by the broker (Invictum Mare), the affiliate will earn 20% as a base rate. For affiliates who generate repeat clients or a large number of clients, we then create an escalating rate.

How the IM Partner Program Works

When your lead/customer clicks on your affiliate link or fills out the inquiry form and ultimately charters a boat through us, you will be credited with a percentage of the commission, subject to our terms and conditions. Everything is tracked electronically, and we can report on lead status for you in real-time.

Follow these steps to become IM Partner:

1. Fill in the application form (see below)
2. You will be contacted by us to discuss our program in detail
3. Upon joining the Invictum Mare Partner Program, you can start offering our services directly to your leads.
4. You will receive 20% (or more) for charters successfully booked through you, as our affiliate. All details will be provided to you.
*For full details of our Affiliate Program, please inquire using the form below. Terms and conditions apply.
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Who Can Join Our Affiliate Program?

Anyone that has an audience particularly interested in high-end travel experiences, tailor-made packages, and the ultimate on-sea comfort.

For owners of digital platforms like bloggers, YouTubers, social media influencers, and private aircraft websites, additional customized options are offered.


Members of our affiliate network can recommend customers, friends, and family with total confidence because it is a user-beneficial program.


Become an affiliate


Most frequent questions and answers

To fully take advantage of our service, members of the Invictum Mare Partner Program are encouraged to utilise all of their connections.

Concierges, travel agencies, and other businesses may want to get in touch with their current clients or even friends and relatives that are interested in luxury yachting.

Members of our affiliate network can recommend customers, friends, and family with total confidence because it is a user-beneficial program.

We provide a customized payment solution, and we will let you know how much money you’ve earned for successful booking confirmations that were made using your referral. You can also check this in your Affiliate dashboard.

14 days after a verified charter has ended, affiliates are paid by wire transfer.

*This level of professionalism is required for all parties. Because we want to make sure that any issues during the charter are resolved by the brokers, yacht managers, and owners before the clients disembark the boat, we only pay brokers when charters are successfully completed. Due to the additional administrative and legal labor associated with cancelled charters, affiliates, travel agencies, and all referrals are then given half of the commission that is due for all cancelled charters (by clients or by owners).

The base rate is 20% from our comission on a sucesfully booked charter. Full breakdown of your earnings can be tracked in your dashboard.


We offer a full range of superyacht services, including brokerage, charters, yacht care program and practical courses.

Find out more about our services here.

Start small, from your friends, family to business connection’s. Focus on cities and small radiuses where there is likely to be a high proportion of high net worth individuals.


A quote request is triggered automatically when someone referred using your affiliate ID (or returning within 365 days of their first visit) submits a request for pricing. The value will initially show in your account as $0, and if the charter confirms, our team will update your earned commission accordingly.

Interested in learning more? Reach out!